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Sports Gifts For Teenage Girls
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About Us

Our Approach

We believe technology should be affordable. We have build Amazing Sites and platforms for our clients. Let's build something together. Register a Domain or Get a State of the art Server or just get an Email marketing account. We have everything to help you build your business.


Our Story

We built a child safe search engine almost a decade ago is at the heart of the AskMilton Brand. Get information. Then we built a Streaming TV Platform  Viewed by millions around the globe a searchable TV Platform.

We have built from E commerce sites to large Telecommunication platforms for our clients. Let's build some thing for you.

The AskMilton Team

Askmilton is dedicated to give you the best customer experience 24/7 customer service.

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18188557493 Los Angeles California
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Then dial 104

Our project mangers are great communicators and will complete the project on time and budget.


Regan McCook


Eric Teagan


Timothy Barrett

Ready to Build?

We are Headquartered in Hollywood California and ready to help you. Please Call or use the link bellow to send us your requirements.

Thank you.